Golf Joke Of The Day: Sunday, May 12th

Joke Of The Day 

As he is walking his dog one weekday afternoon, Fred, the bookie the gamblers love to hate, sees a young man on the local course. Fred stops for a moment to watch him tee off and stays for longer when he sees that the boy has talent. Indeed, the boy has holed his tee shot.

Fred is about to call out his congratulations when the boy tees up again and once more holes in one. Now Fred, never one to let an opportunity pass, walks up to the youngster, congratulates him and asks, “How old are you, lad?”

“Eleven, sir,” the young boy replies.

“Anyone else here seen you play?” Fred inquires.

Having received the assurance that no one has, Fred proposes a match the very next day with the club champion lined up against the young boy. 

The odds are handsome: 10-to-1 against the new young player. The boy, however, takes 11 at the first hole and goes on around the rest of the course in much the same way. Of course, he loses badly. Fred is furious.

“You’ve made me look like a right fool! What’s the idea of pretending you can’t play?” says Fred.

“Listen, old man,” the youngster whispers. “Next week you’ll get 100-to-1.”

One Way To Get Out Of A Bunker

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Golf Terminology

Air mail – When a golf shot travels (like a jet airliner) and flies much farther than planned.