Golf Joke Of The Day: Sunday, May 26th

Joke Of The Day 

John Daly gave up golf for a while and decided to try — among all things — Steeplechase racing.

“Well John, since you’re new, we’re going to start you out on ‘Feedbag,'” the trainer said. “She’s really fast and can jump like hell, but before you reach a jump, you got to yell out, ‘alley oop’ really loud.”

“No problem,” Daly replied. 

As he approached the first jump, John being a little embarrassed, didn’t say anything and Feedbag crashed right through the rails of the jump, breaking it all apart.

Through the flying wood, Feedbag kept going and John was still on her headed straight for the second jump. This time John whispered in her ear, “alley oop,” but Feedbag crashed right through the second jump headed for the third jump.

This time John yelled as loud as he could, “ALLEY OOP,” and Feedbag took off like a rocket and cleared it easily. 

John trotted back to the trainer. 

“What the hell’s wrong with this horse?” he asked. “Is it stupid?”

“No,” the trainer said. “She ain’t stupid, she’s just blind.”

How Am I Supposed To Chip With That Going On?!

Golf Terminology

Bernie Madoff – great Lie and a lot of green to work with.