Golf Joke Of The Day: Thursday, December 12th

Joke Of The Day

The club pro was rude. When he beat you on the golf course, he not only took your money, he then told you everything you did wrong and suggested that you would never be able to hit the ball out of your own shadow.

One of the members had enough, so he bought a gorilla and trained it to play golf. He then set up a game with the pro — $1000 a side with automatic presses.

The day of the match arrived and all parties were ready. The first hole was a 575-yard par-5. The pro teed off splitting the fairway some 270 yards out.

The gorilla lumbered up to the tee, placed the ball on the ground and made a mighty swing. The ball rocketed off the clubface 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 575 yards and stopped 5 inches from the cup.

The pro just about fell out of his pants. If this was an indication of the way things were going to go then he would never live it down. He immediately settled the bet, remembering that he had urgent business across town.

As they walked from the tee the pro asked, “How does he putt?”

“About the same as he drives, 575 yards,” the satisfied member answered.