Golf Joke Of The Day: Thursday, September 6th

Joke Of The Day 

Caddying for the elderly beginner had required great patience. He was doddery, but he was dogged, and he had sworn to break 100 before the summer was out. In fact, there was a bottle of single malt whiskey riding on it; the golfer’s faithful caddie would receive it when the magic score had been broken.

Then arrived a day when persistence seemed about to pay off for both player and caddie. They were on the green at the 18th and only 97 strokes had been made.

Player and caddie were excited and in the grip of such emotion that it was no small wonder that the player sent his first putt racing six feet past the hole.

In a flash, the caddie dropped the flagstick, picked up the ball and cried excitedly, “Well done, sir! You’ve done it! You’ve done it! Anyone would give you that.”

Interested Audience

Swing Thoughts

I found Jesus on the golf course. Well, at least I heard his name several times.