Golf Joke Of The Day: Tuesday, December 4th

Joke Of The Day 

Having led an interestingly dissolute life composed largely of women, drinking, gambling and golf, but not necessarily in that order, at the end of it, the new arrival was not too surprised to find himself in hell. He was however quite surprised to find that his particular corner of Hades was an eighteen-hole golf course complete with gentle woods, a cooly serene lake, well-kept fairways, an immaculate green and a clubhouse with the usual professional’s shop.

The reprobate’s delight was complete when he read the shop’s notice.


“Well, this is going to be tough to take,” he leered as he chose a bag containing perfectly matched clubs. So laden, he ambled to the first tee where he took out a driver, gave a delighted practice swing and then felt for a ball in his ball pocket. It was empty. He was about to return to the shop to remedy the situation when he noticed a grinning figure in red.

“Don’t mind me,” the grin grew wider, “and don’t bother going back for balls. There aren’t any. That’s the hell of it!”

It’s Just a Game, Man

Golf Terminology

The Amelia Earhart – A shot that looks great taking off, but then you can’t find the ball.