Golf Joke Of The Day: Tuesday, February 26th

Joke Of The Day 

John and Bill, two friends of equal ability decide to play a round of golf together and “play it as it lies” on all shots. Both hit their tee shots on the the first hole, a long par-5, straight down the middle of the fairway, 260 yards away.

They drive up for their second shots and John hits his shot again down the middle, setting up an easy approach. But Bill slices his second shot over into the trees and it ends up on the cart path of the adjoining hole.

“Guess I get a free drop from the cart path,” Bill says.

“Oh no,” says his friend. “We agreed; play it as it lies.”

So, Bill drops John off in front of the green and drives over to his ball on the cart path. John watches in amusement as sparks shower down from the practice swings of his opponent and then he looked on in amazement as Bill hit a perfectly struck shot that landed on the green and rolled to within three feet of the pin.

Pleased, Bill drives up to the green as John approaches.

“Great shot back there!” John said. “What club did you use?”

Bill smiled and replied, “Your 6-iron.”

Definintely The Club’s Fault

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Golf Terminology

Dawn patrol – Golfers who play at sunrise.