Golf Joke Of The Day: Tuesday, July 2nd

Joke Of The Day 

A Tour pro passes away and is standing in line at the pearly gates. Impatient and self-serving, he skips line and heads right for St. Peter.

Explaining to St. Peter that he is a professional golfer and deserves better than waiting in line like others, he demands to be admitted to heaven.

St. Peter replies that there are no favorites in heaven and that he must wait in line as the others. Grudgingly, the pro heads toward the back of the line to wait his turn.

Just as he reaches the back of the line, he notices a gentleman, dressed similarly and carrying a putter, approach St. Peter. St. Peter nods and allows the fellow to walk through the gates into heaven.

The golf pro, not believing his eyes, storms up to St. Peter demanding an explanation.

“I’m a multi-time Tour winner,” he began. “I have played and beaten the best golfers on Earth my entire life and you denied me immediate entry to heaven, yet you let that weekend hack walk right in?!?”

“Oh, that guy,” replies St. Peter. “That’s God. He only thinks he’s a golfer.”

Different Kind Of Stinger

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Golf Terminology

Magua – When you have honors on the tee box. Refers to Magua from the movie “Last of the Mohicans” when Gen. Webb was telling Major Hayward, “Magua will show you the way”. Magua then lead the English troops into an ambush.