Golf Joke Of The Day: Tuesday, June 4th

Joke Of The Day 

A wife and her husband are sitting around one evening, just talking, when the wife suddenly asks, “If I died, would you re-marry?”

“I would,” the husband answered.

“You would?” the wife asked, a bit surprised. “Would you let her come into my house?”

“I would.” he said.

“Would she be cooking in my kitchen?” she asked. 

“She would!” he responded. 

“Would she be soaking in my bathtub?” she continued.

“She would!” he answered. 

“Would she be putting her clothes in my closet?” she asked.

“She would!” he said.

Growing more exasperated, the wife continued with the line of questioning. “Would she be driving my car?”

“She would!” he responded.

“Would she be sleeping in my bed?” came next.

“She would!” he said once again.

“Would she be using my golf clubs?” she asked.

“Oh, no, definitely not,” he said, catching his wife off guard.

“Why not?” she inquired.

“She’s left-handed,” he answered. 


Golf Terminology

Dead Yank – shot pulled severely to the left, i.e. Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Thurman Munson, etc.