Golf Joke Of The Day: Tuesday, March 26th

Joke Of The Day 

Mac invited his friend Jimmy to play at his new club.

Since Jimmy had never played the course before, Mac pointed out the trouble spots and where to aim on the first hole.

Jimmy teed up, addressed the ball, took a couple of waggles and took a vicious swing. He hit a foot behind the ball, tore up the teebox and totally missed the ball. Unphased he stepped back, took a couple practice swings and again addressed his ball.

This time his swing missed everything.

He stepped back from his ball again, looked at Mac and said, “Boy, this is really a tough course!”

When You’re In The Zone

Golf Terminology

Duck Hook (aka Snap Hook) – A ball that curves right-to-left (for right-handed golfers) on a low trajectory and off target.