Golf Joke Of The Day: Tuesday, May 21st

Joke Of The Day 

At the club’s annual board meeting, the president is just about to finish when one of the members stops him and says, “There is one more item to discuss — the exclusion of Mr. Petersen.”

“Why?” asks the president.

“Last week he punched our new treasurer in the bunker on the ninth hole,” the president is informed.

The new treasurer had ruffled many feathers at the club since taking over by tightening the budget to take away some of the perks that members had become comfortable with.

“So, we all would like to do that,” the president says. “It is not a reason for exclusion!”

“True,” the upset member said, “But he did not rake the bunker afterward.”

Golfers Are Athletes

Golf Terminology

Rainmaker – a golf shot with a very high trajectory. It is so high it seems to reach the clouds where the rain resides!