Golf Joke Of The Day: Tuesday, September 13th

Fred and Harry decided to join the best golf club that money could buy. On their first day as members, they went into the bar for a drink before their round.

They ordered two whiskies and inquired, “How much is that?”

The barman smiled.

“Are you new members?” he asked. “Is this your first day at the club?”

“Yes,” replied Fred and Harry.

“Well, it’s on the house,” the barman said

Then the two friends decided to have lunch in the club dining room as well. It was a sumptuous roast after which Harry called the waitress over.

“We’d like to settle up,” he said.

The waitress smiled sweetly and inquired whether they were new members.

“Yes,” they told her. “We are, indeed.”

“And is this your first day at the club?” she asked.

“Yes,” they replied.

“Then, it’s on the house, sirs,” she said, smiling.

Much pleased, the two decided it was time to have a game of golf, so they walked into the pro shop to buy some balls.

“Give me half a dozen,” Fred ordered grandly. “How much is that?”

“Are you new members, sir? Is it your first day at the club?” the pro asked.

“Yes, yes,” smiled Fred.

“That will be $75,” the pro advised.

Fred turned to Harry and whispered, “It sure ain’t ‘by the throat’ they got you in this club.”

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