Golfer Slides Down Embankment Into Water Hazard

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Wading into the water to try and hit a golf shot is rarely a good idea, but who are we to knock an intrepid golfer trying to save a stroke?

It should be noted, however, that you must be aware of your surroundings, as two-time PGA Tour winner Len Mattiace showed us earlier this week. When you’re playing at a course that features man-made water hazards with tarp-like linings, GOLFERS BEWARE. 

There’s a reason those tarp-like liners are the same kind of things used on kids’ Slip ‘N Slides. Our golfer friend above did not heed that advice, instead slowly and hilariously slipping deeper and deeper into the lake.

While the cameraman was a good friend and stopped filming to ensure his friend was okay, the subsequent video of him trying to navigate that tarp to get out the lake had to be just as good.