Golfer Tries Hero Shot From Frozen Lake, Fails

Playing golf in the winter is usually reserved for the sickest of golf addicts. When a lake or pond on your course is frozen solid, that should be the first clue that you shouldn’t be teeing it up. Instead, intrepid hackers such as the man above saw the frozen water hazard as an opportunity to save a ball and a stroke. 

You knew that was going to end poorly. He’s probably better off to take the penalty stroke next time, especially if you’re going to take a full swipe at the ball in soft spikes.

Our friend above should take some notes from this guy. If, for whatever god-forsaken reason, you decide to play a shot off of a frozen pond, make sure it’s a delicate chip shot that won’t throw your body into a spin cycle. Who knows, you may even damn near hole it out. 


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