Guy Smashes Himself In The Shin With Golf Ball

There’s nothing like that feeling of hitting one off of the sweet spot of the club. It feels like you never even made contact with the ball, yet when you look up, it’s soaring the way a ball is supposed to fly.

On the other hand, there’s nothing worse than coming out of a bunker and trying to knock the sand off of your shoes, missing and smashing your ankle with that nice forged iron. The pain is searing and immediate.

Golf can produce a lot of feelings, but this is one of the harshest we’ve seen. Trying to hit a recovery shot from left of the fairway, this intrepid golfer elected not to take relief from some sort of pipe only a few yards ahead of him. What happens next will make you start rubbing your own shin in empathetic pain.

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It would probably be best to take an unplayable lie next time and get some relief.

[h.t The Big Lead]


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