How Many From Here?

Golf is a social sport, and we think it’s fun to share golf experiences; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Partnering with our friends at gottaGolf (The Ball Tracer & Social Golf App), SwingU is proud to bring you “Golf Fails brought to you by gottaGolf,” a weekly reminder that golf is… really hard.

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Golfers know that karma in this game comes swiftly and brutally, so all we’re going to say about @mydadgolfing up here is that we feel his pain. 

Whether the dreaded hockey knock back and forth around the hole has become a reality for you or simply a figment of your imaginative nightmares, you don’t want to wish it upon your worst enemy… (okay, maybe your worst enemy).

For anyone who hasn’t been there, this reaction seems a little too accepting, but for those of us who have lived in this deep circle of Hell, the amount of sheer disbelief that comes with missing the same putt from both sides of the hole multiple times knows that after two strokes, your anger gives way to maniacal and uncontrollable smiling and laughing.

More likely, golfers are simply masochists hellbent on fraying every nerve in their body in search of that holy grail six inches under the ground 18 times in a round.