Night Golf Goes Expectedly Wrong

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Golf is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone with a club and a ball, however, there should be a time and a place for the sport to take place. Night time on a residential street is probably not the best time and place.

We’re not sure what exactly this guy was trying to do, but we can imagine it went similar to when average golfers have a single tree in their way some 75 yards ahead of them and figure if they aim at the tree, there’s no way they’ll actually hit it. As many golfers can attest, it’s amazing how accurate you can be when you least expect to be.

Hitting a tree and costing yourself a stroke is one thing, but thinking, “there’s no way I can hit that window” and then doing it with a picture-perfect flighted iron off of a roadside curb is another.

It’s probably best to keep your golf confined to the course, the driving range or a wide open field with no windows in sight.