One Way To Get In Your Competitor’s Head During A Match

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One of the best aspects of the game of golf is the competition it can breed among friends. Long after normal playing days on other fields of play have ended, golf allows its participants another avenue to let the competitive juices flow for many years.

How people like to express that competition is another story, however. Simply talking a little trash or whispering a few words under your breath can be enough to irritate some players, but pulling out a blow horn is sure to throw someone off their game.

The blowhorn move is diab0lical. Obviously, the guy addressing the ball is fully invested in the shot at hand or else he wouldn’t have reacted as if he were just shot in the side mid-backswing. After gathering his bearings, all he can do is put his palms to the sky as if to say “what did you expect me to do.”

There’s no guarantee this tactic was effective as we weren’t able to see the resulting drive, but it’s safe to say it took the golfer out of his zone. That’s what competition is all about, isn’t it?