Playing Lesson Turns Into Practice Session

Just got finished with a nine-hole playing lesson with Doris Delaney, and as you know, it’s really difficult to give a playing lesson while it’s carts on path. Waiting for Doris to go from cart to ball back to cart is very tedious, but we finished in under three hours and I made $40, so all’s well that ends well.

Doris has been a 28-handicap for as long as I’ve been here, so there’s nothing I can say to really make the lightbulb come on. Unfortunately, the dye has been cast on Doris. 

She was a little confused because this was supposed to be “her playing lesson,” but I was hitting three or four tee balls on every hole. I recently received that GX7 driver and I had been just dying to hit it. This was really my only chance to get on on the course with it since I got it.

And I nutted it… I absolutely nutted it. I can’t wait to get it out in competition without Doris chirping in my ear about what compression ball is best for her and why I keep drinking out of her water bottle.