Swing Impersonator Nails Phil Mickelson Flop Shot

You’ll recall that two weeks ago, Jack Bartlett took the golf world by storm with his golf swing impersonation videos of Dustin Johnson and Keegan Bradley. The impressions went over so well that Bartlett achieved viral fame, which included the players themselves to take notice. 

Now, only days away from “The Match,” Bartlett has gone to the other side of the ball, donned a dress shirt and hat with homemade sponsor logos and nailed yet another golf swing: Phil Mickelson’s.

Like his first set of videos, the swing is right on the money, but the mannerisms are where Bartlett really sets himself apart. From Mickelson’s heavy walk, to the way he holds the club under his arm while he acknowledges the fans with the patented quirky smile and thumbs up. It’s uncanny.

As a refresher, here are Bartlett’s DJ and Keegan impressions.

Revealing the Phil swing on Monday of Match week hopefully means that by the time Phil and Tiger tee off on Friday, we’ll have another installment of #JBimpersonates with the 14-time major winner.