TBT: Chi Chi Rodriguez Gets Hit In The Chi Chis

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In honor of gottaGolf’s Golf Fails coming on Thursday this week, we decided to go #ThrowbackThursday with this all-time clip of Chi Chi Rodriguez making a guest appearance on Golf Channel’s reality series Big Break.

One of the hallmarks of the show was always the break the glass challenge, which required contestants to flight down the club of their choice and hit a ball through a pane of glass some 15-20 yards in front of them. During the filming of NFL Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican native made a guest appearance that resulted in one of the best golf bloopers of all time.

Facing the break the glass challenge, Rodriguez hit the wood framing of the glass pane only to see the ball ricochet back at him and him right where it counts. Getting up there in years, the then 78-year-old Chi Chi was unable to react fast enough to avoid the ball coming back and hitting him. 

En garde, indeed.