Today’s Golf Joke, Funny Video & Social Gallery – November 23, 2023

Since its origins in 15th century Scotland, golf and comedy have gone hand-in-hand.

The sport’s first players traded barbs and banter between strokes to pass time on the links. This tradition continues today, as golfers at all levels use humor and joke-telling to foster camaraderie during long rounds. Though golf conjures images of rigid etiquette, its connection to jokes and laughter reveals the game’s fundamentally social essence.

As long as there are bogeys and shanks to laugh about, golf and humor seem destined to remain golf’s longest-running comic duo.

Joke Of The Day

A wife waited patiently while her husband played a round of golf on their 18th wedding anniversary. Afterward, the happy couple went out to dinner at a lovely restaurant.

They discussed many happy memories they had shared during the years. Then the wife said, “Want to go for another 18?”

“No,” he replied, “I think it’s too dark now.”

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