When Saving A Stroke Goes Wrong

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This probably went differently than you expected. We’re used to seeing idiots jump into ponds on the golf course for no apparent reason, but in hindsight, this wasn’t one of those instances. 

As we can see, the player’s ball had come to rest on a piece of land in the middle of a hazard. “What a stroke of luck,” he probably thought before deciding that he had the long jumping chops to clear the small patch of water between him and his ready-made island. 

Bravo to his friends who got the whole thing on video, although they were likely rooting for him to come up short and go in the water, an even better — worse, if you’re the jumper — fate befell their playing partner. 

The only thing missing from this video is the conclusion. Did he get out? How? What did his clothes look like in the aftermath?

We need answers!