You Can Get Rejected On The Golf Course, Too

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We’re going to start off by simply ignoring the obvious rules infraction here of grounding the club in a bunker because the payoff is just too perfect.

Greenside bunker shots are every weekend golfer’s worst nightmare. If your ball came to rest a few yards one way or the other, an up-and-down would likely be the expectation, not the hope. However, when you bring sand into the equation, all hell can break loose.

With nothing but grass on the other side of the green, the golfer above — while unlikely to hole his next shot — had escaped the evil bunker and would not have to deal with the adjustments that come with playing from the sand again. 

That is until the pin got in the way. Our protagonist hits the pin flush, sending his ball right back into the same bunker he just played out of. Brutal. 

The basketball court or the bar aren’t the only places you can get rejected.