You Expected This To Go Differently

Golf is a social sport, and we think it’s fun to share golf experiences; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Partnering with our friends at gottaGolf (The Ball Tracer & Social Golf App), SxS is proud to bring you “Golf Fails brought to you by gottaGolf,” a weekly reminder that golf is… really hard.

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In the age of the internet and golf bloopers, our brains are conditioned to see the above thumbnail and expect to see the golfer fall helplessly into the water hazard behind him, but this clip might even be more impressive. 

Stradling a retaining wall and facing a sketchy lie in the rough, this golfer nearly defies physics by taking a full backswing and making contact with the ball only to see it dig into the ground and bounce out backward and into the hazard.

As always, this is just further proof that the harder you try to play this game well, the more likely you are to get bitten in the backside by some of its quirks.