10 Best Hole Outs of 2016

Few feelings are as satisfying as hitting a pure golf shot and watching it disappear into the hole. Essentially, it’s golf perfection. While it doesn’t happen as frequently as we’d like, every swing is another chance to find the bottom of the cup. Whether it’s for eagle, birdie or even to save a double bogey, any time you don’t need to use your putter, it’s a good hole. Here’s our list of the 10 best professional hole outs of 2016.  

10. Yusaku Miyazato


A video posted by U.S. Open Championship (@usopengolf) on

This 181-yard shot courtesy of Yusaku Miyazato of Japan sent him dancing, and we would have done the same. What makes it so impressive is how soft it landed given the USGA conditions, not to mention the perfect spin. When you hit a shot like this, dancing is not only allowed. It is downright encouraged. 

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