10 Best Tee Markers on Tour

One of the more underrated parts of professional golf tournaments are the tee markers.

Normally, you’ll find something mundane at your local muni, like a cube or a sphere to direct you where to tee off from, but not on the pro Tours. There you will find some of the fanciest markers around.

From trucks to planes, to even solar panels here are 10 of the coolest tee markers we’ve seen recently. 

FedEx St. Jude Classic

We get this tee marker list started with one that will absolutely, positively be there overnight. Of course, we are talking about title sponsor of the PGA Tour’s St. Jude Classic, FedEx.

Conveniently, it’s also the same title sponsor for the season-long race for – wait for it – the FedEx Cup which offers a cool $10 million to the winner. These above are the standard freight trucks, but occasionally you’ll even see the van with the FedEx Office logo.

In case you’re wondering, as long as you’re behind the front bumper, there’s no penalty.

Tour Championship

The Tour Championship is presented by Coca-Cola and these six-packs have been a staple on Tour for a number of years now. The year-ending event is always one of the most exciting of the year with the limited field and potentially golf’s biggest payday of the year as the FedEx Cup champion is crowned.

John Deere Classic

The John Deere played at TPC Deere Run is a favorite event amongst the pros with its usual spot before the Open Championship, and their tee markers are some of our favorite. This one here is a skid steer loader with a drill screw; other miniatures used during the tournament include farm tractors and combines, and front-end loaders.

Hero Indian Open

The European Tour’s Hero Indian Open uses these motorcycles on their teeing grounds. It makes sense too. Hero Honda Motors Ltd. produces a lot of bikes. Plus we already have trucks and vans…why not a motorcycle?

Porsche European Open

These awesome tee markers are brought to us by the Porsche European Open. Since the German sports car maker took over as title sponsor in 2015, they’ve used these. If you thought fitting your clubs in a real Porsche was tough, good luck trying to fit them in this one.

Wegmans LPGA Championship

The former Wegmans LPGA Championship, now LPGA Championship, whose title sponsor was a local supermarket in Rochester used these miniature shopping carts to mark their tees. Not sure what you can fit in there, but it’s the idea that counts! 

Constellation Senior Players Championship

The Senior Players Championship was sponsored by the energy company Constellation from 2007 to 2018. Yes, those are tiny solar panels as tee markers. Unfortunately, they don’t work. Open

Back when the Safeway Open was the Open during the wraparound season, they used to use these hilarious golfing computer chips. You know, because is an electronics retailer.

Turkish Airlines Open

The European Tour’s Turkish Airlines Open uses these mini airplanes as their tee markers. While it’s the obvious choice, the attention to detail on them is immaculate. 

Barbasol Championship

The Barbasol Championship is played the same week as the Open Championship, but what it lacks in major history, prestige, and fame, it makes up for with these incredible shaving cream tee markers. Feel a little 5:00 shadow on Sunday afternoon? Don’t worry, just clean that up down the stretch.