10 PGA Tour Player Perks

As you can imagine, being on the PGA Tour has some pretty awesome perks.

From free equipment and chartered travel to complimentary food and everything in between, basically, everything is taken care of for these guys on the grandest of scales.

While there are certainly players that are grinding week in and week out in order to put food on the table, the fact they still get fresh Pro V1’s to practice with at the range is more than we can say.

Here’s a look at 10 PGA Tour player perks that are sure to make you jealous. 

Tickets To Games


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PGA Tour players usually don’t have to worry too much about getting tickets to a big game. From catching the Red Sox playing when up in Boston for The Dell Technologies Championship, to catching a Spurs game at the Valero Open, to bringing the Claret Jug onto the field of your favorite team’s stadium, taking in a sporting event is a popular perk for most tour pros. 

Charter Flights

Charter flights are a nice little perk for the pros who are always on the run. They make tournaments more appealing when you can get to them without the hassle of planning. One of the most popular the PGA Tour provides is the charter from the John Deere Classic to the Open Championship. 

Free Food

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If you’re on the PGA Tour, chances are you won’t go hungry. From personal chefs, to famous restaurants offering up free food on certain tournament nights, to on-course food trucks at various tour stops, the pros dine with the best of them. Not to mention the ability to make a reservation by simply dropping a name! 


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Sponsors of PGA Tour events want the players to take advantage of their products. After all, the best promotion is giving things away for free! For example, the Zurich Classic lets the pros pick from a wide variety of luxury belts, and the Sanderson Farms Championship doles out Big Green Egg grills to all the players. The technical term for this free stuff is called “swag.”

Courtesy Cars

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Courtesy cars are a staple at tour events. It allows players the freedom to go where and when they want. It also is certainly helpful if you have a family. Depending on the event will determine the car you get. For example, the BMW Championship is a good one, as you can imagine.



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There’s not many activities tour pros enjoy more than fishing.  In fact, some PGA Tour event set up excursions for the guys to blow off a little steam. For example, there’s a deep sea fishing trip at the OHL Classic and chartered boats in New Orleans.


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If you are on tour, chances are you have an equipment sponsor. Not only do you have the latest and greatest tools, you also have access to the tour trucks which travel from stop to stop making sure their players’ needs are fully suited. If you haven’t stepped inside one, you’re missing out. It’s golf-nerd heaven.

Unlimited Apparel 


While Ian Poulter’s shoe collection may be extreme, we wanted to illustrate what’s it’s like to have apparel sponsors. This is as good as it gets. PGA Tour pros have access to the newest threads, whether they’ve been released to the public or not. You will rarely find a tour player wearing something old unless it has some serious significance.

Sponsored Excursions


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Sure the pros get to play beautiful course after beautiful course during the season, but it’s still work and even the best in the world need a break. Fortunately for some of them, they have sponsors who will fly them out and let them unwind really anywhere they choose. Pictured above are the SB2K16 boys in Baker’s Bay, presented by Casamigos.

Access To Exclusive Golf Courses

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Do you want to play a casual weekday round at Augusta? Of course, you do. Everybody does. The difference between us mortals and the pros are that they can practically get on any course, any time, anywhere. Practice rounds, especially for the majors, are usually the most common. So next time you see Phil on a random Monday at your home course, give him a thumbs up.