10 Spectator Sniper Shots

If you go to a golf tournament, you better have your head on a swivel. While the pros are the best in the world, they aren’t immune to the occasional bad swing, and that could spell some serious trouble. Yelling “fore” only goes so far, especially when you’re standing only a few feet off the fairway. Unfortunately, most of the time the victims don’t see it coming, hence the term “sniper”. Here are 10 shots that will make you cringe – or laugh hysterically. We just hope these folks were ok!

10. Keegan Bradley

Keegan Bradley gets this list going with a wayward tee shot at the 2013 Presidents Cup. He overcooked it and it bound into the gallery nailing this unlucky gentleman right in the head. If you turn up the volume, you can even hear the impact. Thankfully he popped right back up.

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