10 Tour Pro High Five Fails

The high five has been the celebratory ritual since the beginning of time. In its essence, it is nothing more than two people slapping hands usually above the waste, but for some reason, professional golfers seem to have an issue grasping this concept. Haven’t they ever heard of the look at the elbow trick?

While not all Tour pros are subject to this epidemic, there are definitely quite a few that are. Here are 10 of the worst high five fails on Tour.


We start with the most recent fail on this list considering it was our inspiration to put it together in the first place. After draining a long bomb on the 72nd hole, Fleetwood was ecstatic with emotion, and apparently so was his caddie. Tommy went for the standard high five but got more than he bargained for as he got drilled in the face with a right hook. Thankfully he was fine, but still, wow! 

Oh, Wow! 

Who can forget Tiger Woods’ epic chip during the 2005 Masters that hung on the lip, paused, and then dropped? Even arguably the greatest shot in golf history was complimented by one of the most horrific high five fails, also in golf history.

The Whiff

Here’s a timeless classic from Louis Oosthuizen and his caddie. After holing out for double eagle during the 2012 Masters, Oosty went full fail barely made contact with his pinky. The slow motion and the music really sets this one apart.

Chest Bump?

When you hear people say “golfers aren’t athletes,” this is one of the reasons why. After making what appears to be an important putt during a team event, Tom Lehman surprised Bernhard Langer with an attempted chest bump. The end result was awkward at best.

Down For The Count

Here we have Billy Horschel doing a lap after something obviously good just happened. As he slaps hands with Ian Poulter, the Englishman loses his balance and takes a tumble. We’re sure if it was a Ryder Cup he’d be able to stay on his own two feet.

Fresh Prince 

We wouldn’t call this a fail, but that doesn’t mean it makes it right. Tiger Woods and Matt Kuchar were partners during the 2013 Presidents Cup when they brought out the high five made famous by Will Smith on his show Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Maybe they should’ve kept that in the team locker room.

So Close

On his way to winning the 2014 Players Championship, the usually smooth Martin Kaymer goes to acknowledge his caddie after making an important putt, but fails miserably. Both refuse to budge on their way to meeting hands to the point that it almost looks planned. Good one, guys!

Classic ZJ 

During the 2015 Presidents Cup, Phil Mickelson goes to give his partner Zach Johnson a little fist bump, but like we’ve seen on this list already, anything other than the standard eye-contact initiated handshake is going to go poorly. Zach and Phil being the gentlemen that they are, nail the handshake and leave the bloopers to the other 9 entries on this list. 



Quite possibly one of the greatest photos of all time. Tiger and Phil appear to be getting along just fine back in the day, but couldn’t slap hands if their lives depended on it. The timing is what makes this picture so breathtaking.



Jerry Pate and Lee Trevino shared this awkward moment during the 2016 PGA Tour Champions 3M Championship. We’re not sure who’s fault it was, but by the looks of it, they are both to blame. Woof!