U.S. Open’s $12 Million Purse Is Largest Ever


The 2017 U.S. Open at Erin Hills will be remembered for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is the insane amount of money the pros were playing for this past week. You may have heard on the broadcast a mention or two of the ridiculous pot in play for those who made the cut, but looking at the numbers — especially those at the top — will make you rethink your career goals.

The USGA rolled out a $12 million purse to be split amongst the competitors, the largest sum on Tour this season and the biggest ever in professional golf.

Brooks Koepka, of course, cashed the biggest check this week — $2.16 million — but even co-runners up Brian Harman and Hideki Matsuyama made over $1 million. Keep in mind, the U.S. Open only allows the top 60 and ties to play the weekend, fewer than the typical 70 and ties that make the cut on the PGA Tour. 


All of that is not to mention that simply for qualifying and missing the cut, every pro in the field made $10,000 regardless. It’s good work if you can get it. 

Check out the entire purse breakdown below.

Total purse: $12 million

1st: $2.16 million
2nd: $1.3 million
3rd: $804,023
4th: $563,642
5th: $469,460
6th: $416,263
7th: $375,278
8th: $336,106
9th: $304,188
10th: $279,403
11th: $254,981
12th: $235,757
13th: $219,677
14th: $202,751
15th: $188,243
16th: $176,153
17th: $166,481
18th: $156,809
19th: $147,137
20th: $137,464
21st: $129,122
22nd: $120,780
23rd: $112,680
24th: $105,184
25th: $98,655
26th: $93,094
27th: $88,862
28th: $85,114
29th: $81,487
30th: $77,860
31st: $74,233
32nd: $70,606
33rd: $66,979
34th: $63,715
35th: $61,055
36th: $58,395
37th: $55,856
38th: $53,438
39th: $51,020
40th: $48,602
41st: $46,184
42nd: $43,766
43rd: $41,348
44th: $38,930
45th: $36,512
46th: $34,336
47th: $32,159
48th: $30,104
49th: $28,895
50th: $27,686
51st: $26,961
52nd: $26,356
53rd: $25,872
54th: $25,631
55th: $25,389
56th: $25,147
57th: $24,905
58th: $24,663
59th: $24,422
60th: $24,180
61st: $23,938
62nd: $23,696
63rd: $23,454
64th: $23,213
65th: $22,971
66th: $22,729

Note: Purse breakdown for professionals returning 72-hole scores. All ties shall be rounded to the nearest dollar with any remainders increasing or decreasing the final paid position. $10,000 each will be awarded to the 76 professionals who missed the cut.

[h.t Golfweek.com]


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