Aaron Wise Explains Awkward Kiss Snub

Aaron Wise has the golf thing down. 

The 21-year-old PGA Tour rookie won his first PGA Tour title at the AT&T Byron Nelson at Trinity Forest. The former NCAA champion from Oregon became a millionaire with the victory, and many consider him one of golf’s rising stars. 


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On the golf course, he is as perfect as they come. Off it? Well, as a rookie he is going to have to learn how to do the wife/girlfriend kiss after winning over a million dollars. 

Wise’s family joined him for his historic win, and so did his girlfriend, Reagan Trussell. Walking off the tee after his victory, Wise was surprised to see his significant other there and then leaned into a kiss – and was denied.  

He just won well over a million, had his lifelong dream come true and the girlfriend left him in the dust. 

The meme went wild. Of all the things Wise had to answer at Colonial Golf Club on Wednesday, the most interest was in the awkward kiss. 


“Yeah, I have been giving her some s— about that,” Wise said Wednesday. “A lot has been made about it. It’s really nothing. Like I was saying, she was just so excited to surprise me. I was kind of ruining the surprise a little bit that she was shocked, and she didn’t even see me going in for the kiss.”


So what happened? 

Wise told Golf Digest that having his girlfriend there was a total surprise to him and that he wasn’t expecting her to be there when he walked off the green. The excitement got to them.

“So my girlfriend actually flew in Sunday morning and it was a total surprise she was coming,” Wise told GolfDigest.com. “She waited, she kinda hid around the golf course so I wouldn’t see her and she just wanted to surprise me on the 18th green. We were just all so shocked, she was excited, I was excited, and in the moment she was kind of telling me what she had to do so I couldn’t see it and for the moment to be the way she wanted, and I kinda went in for a little kiss there and she didn’t even recognize it because she was too excited in the moment. It’s definitely been made a lot of. It’s funny; we’re rolling with it.”


It was Wise’s first win, and he certainly didn’t expect the scrutiny that came with just a simple missed miss on the 18th green. One thing is sure, with his golf game, he better get used to the mechanics of gracefully winning a tournament. This won’t be his last time having to kiss someone coming off the green. 

Even for a multi-talented Tour rookie, he still has a lot to learn.