Appleby Encounters Venomous Snake During Round

Stuart Appleby has made nearly $30 million on Tour over the course of his career, so you can’t blame the Australian for enjoying life back in his homeland with his children these days.

When he’s not getting revenge on fellow gym rats, Appleby spends his time at home playing golf with his sons and encountering all the wildlife Australia has to offer.

Appleby Gets Revenge On Cart-Parking Prankster

While playing a round earlier this week with his son, Appleby came across what appears to be a red-bellied black snake and he decided to share the encounter with his social media followers.

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Despite his son’s warnings that the snake was “poisonous,” Appleby followed it towards the edge of the fairway offering compliments and pleading with the animal to leave his clubs alone.

“Please don’t go in my golf bag,” Appleby said.

There’s never a dull moment Down Under as a few hours after his run-in with the snake Appleby posted a picture of a redback spider, which is also known as the Australian Black Widow, he came across.

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“More fun Aussie critters,” Appleby captioned the photo. “This Red Back spider is small but brings a world of hurt and a trip to the hospital. Found him in an old oil drum I needed.”