Appleby Gets Revenge On Cart-Parking Prankster

PGA Tour pros lead different lives than many working stiffs, but in their own way, they come up against some of life’s more frustrating bits and pieces.

Not unlike a regular person getting their car blocked in at a grocery store parking lot, Australian Tour pro Stuart Appleby had a run-in with a fellow member down at Isleworth Golf Club in Orlando.

Like many small golf communities, cars share the road with personal golf carts, and when Appleby returned to his cart after his workout, he found that a fellow member had pulled in quite tactically to keep him from getting out, running their cart tire underneath the wheel well of Appleby’s.

Not letting the opportunity slip to publicly shame the offender, Appleby pulled out his phone and recorded his inquest into finding out the guilty party.

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What grinds my gears

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“I come out from the gym today, and some shmuck who’s trying to get in my head deliberately jammed his golf cart (into mine),” Appleby narrated. “I don’t know if I can recognize any of this (scorecard) if it’s legible. Look at the score, 48, you suck.

“I will get to the bottom of this.”

While it’s likely Appleby knows the offender — after all, who deliberately stymies someone’s cart so purposefully — he took a measure of revenge in the most golf-y way possible: he messed with the battery on the offender’s range finder.

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Payback Saturday

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He signed off laughing, saying “Suffer in your jocks, pal.”

Let this be a warning to all Isleworth golfers: don’t mess with Appleby’s cart.