Augusta National Constructing Tunnel Under Washington Road

Despite outward appearances during Masters week each year, the construction at Augusta National Golf Club never seems to cease. This year is no exception as the host of the first major championship of the year has already lengthened its par-4 5th hole and is now planning subterranean expansion.

According to a report from, ANGC has begun to construct a tunnel that will connect the club property to the other side of Washington Road, the main road that runs along the club’s main entrance.

Augusta National Begins Renovation On Fifth Hole

Residents have noticed a large pile of dirt growing across the street from AGNC’s gate one, and city plans shed light on a 26-foot deep tunnel, which has been dubbed by the club as the “Washington Road Underpass.”

The dirt being dug up was done so in order to reach the city’s water main line, which is going to be moved in order for a tunnel to be constructed connecting the two pieces of club property on either side of Washington Road.

The tunnel will connect the club’s main property with a parcel of land that is used as an entry point for equipment and workers, according to the WJBF report. Aside from the tunnel, there’s a large landscaping piece to the Washington Road Underpass plans.

More than 200 large trees, including oaks, pines and holly, will be planted on either side of the club’s property. 

As always, when reached for comment, an ANGC spokesperson said they wouldn’t speak publicly about club business.