Augusta National Doubles Size Of Golf Shop

For one week a year, the greatest golf shop on the planet is open to all fortunate enough to venture. 

Location? Magnolia Lane, Augusta, Georgia. 

The retail shop for the Masters at Augusta National is open, with the only chance to get official Masters clothing at the retail shop during Masters week. Seven days with no online sales, no distribution, and typically resulting in the most coveted golf gear during the season. 

The Masters made sure to be ready for the crush expected this week with a redesigned retail shop this week that is double the size of previous years.  


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Tournament-related merchandise is only available on site during championship week, and the new retail shop is state of the art.

The facility is located between the practice facility and the No. 1 fairway and took 20 weeks for the club to build. The demolition and construction of the new facility began shortly after last year’s Masters, which was won by Sergio Garcia. The fact it is only open seven days does little to harm sales. Masters gear is some of the most sought-after merchandise in golf and, according to a 2015 story in the New York Times, the Masters takes in about $45 million during the week. 

The new golf shop, according to a release by the club, now has twice the floor space of the previous golf shop. There are 385 mannequins, which includes a dog mannequin, and 64 registers for a quicker checkout process. 

The club let patrons in on to some of the top items, which includes 125 different styles of hats on the Headwear Wall. The shop also boasts some “unusual items” such as gnomes dressed in caddie jumpsuits,  pajama pants, hoodies and temperature-controlled cups. Because of the exclusivity on site, the shop also has an expanded the shipping facility that is attached to the building. 

Check out some pictures of the new merchandise shop. 



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