Bettor Turns Koepka Bet Into $76,440

“Patience” isn’t a word commonly associated with sports betting, but one Australian bettor proved that picking your spots — no matter how far apart they may be — is definitely worth the wait.

Australian online sports betting website shared a three-way parlay tale that will boggle the mind of your sports betting friends. One anonymous bettor put $10 down on Brooks Koepka to win the PGA Championship in August, and paired that up with two other horse races that took place in October and this week, respectively.

The dollar amounts listed to each bet were the odds each out hit, which multiplied together come out to $7,644. On a $10 bet, those wagers paid the bettor $76,440. 

Not a bad return on his 10 bucks. Maybe we could all learn a little bit about sports betting from this guy. After all, none of his picks were too off the wall; it was just a matter of picking his spots when the right odds were posted.