Bettors Can Wager On Koepka’s Career Major Total

Brooks Koepka’s latest piece of bulletin board material didn’t come from the lips of Brandel Chamblee or the snub of a magazine cover; it comes directly from the desert.

In the aftermath of Koepka’s historic fourth major championship victory last week at the PGA Championship, the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook offered a line on Koepka’s career major total by his 50th birthday, and let’s just say it’s lower than Koepka would like to see.

Stemming from his comments that major championships were easier to win than regular PGA Tour events, the eventual PGA Champion told reporters in his pre-tournament press conference that he has some lofty goals for his career major total. 

“I mean, I’ve got a number,” Koepka said. “I don’t see why you can’t get to double digits. I think you keep doing what you’re supposed to do, you play good, you peak at the right times. Like I said, I think sometimes the majors are the easiest ones to win. Half the people shoot themselves out of it, and mentally I know I can beat most of them, and then from there, it’s those guys left, who’s going to play good and who can win.

“I don’t see any reason it can’t get to double digits.”

Well, Brooks, Vegas disagrees.

Jeff Sherman, the SuperBook’s vice president of risk management and golf oddsmaker, set the line at 7.5 with the under as the favorite at -150, meaning you would have to bet $150 to make $100. 

Interestingly, speaking after his fourth win, Koepka’s possible major total came up again, albeit in a slightly different light with him playing mental tricks on himself to create a chip on his shoulder. 

“There’s always a chip,” he said. “I think every great athlete always has a chip. I feel like you look at Michael Jordan; I’ve heard him talk about having a chip on his shoulder, and I think that’s important.

“It works for me. Why would I stray from that? It’s one of those things that it doesn’t need to come from anybody. It can come from me. I can make something up in my own head and tell myself I can’t get to 10 (majors) or more, and I’m trying to prove myself wrong.

“It doesn’t need to come from the outside. I can do it internally, too.”

Now, that doubt is coming from the outside once again. And he stands to make a little bit of money if he bets on himself.