Bjørn Pays Off Ryder Cup Promise In Hilarious Fashion

Thomas Bjørn made a simple, yet ultimately permanent promise to the 12 men he asked to fight for Team Europe nearly three months ago at Le Golf National outside of Paris: if they win the 2018 Ryder Cup, he would get a tattoo commemorating the victory.

A dominant European performance led to a 17½ – 10½ victory over the United States and the unveiling of the promise to the golf world via his players in the post-match press conference.

“There could be a visit to a tattoo parlor coming soon for Mr. Bjørn,” Rory McIlroy remarked. 

“Let me put it this way, (the tattoo is) going to go on a part that only (Bjørn’s girlfriend) Grace will see,” the captain said later on. “I might have to send them a picture, well, then you’ll all see it as well, I guess. The worst decision I made all week.”

No, it was the best,” Sergio Garcia rebutted.

It was clearly the best,” Ian Poulter added.

Last week, Bjørn followed through with his promise, and thanks to the European Ryder Cup Team’s brilliant video team, fans got to see the promise paid off in all of it’s glory.

“Told you I would do it… Merry Christmas,” Bjørn said before burying his head in his arms.