Chamblee: Tiger’s Competitive Career is Over


Is Tiger Woods competitive playing career over? According to Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee, he thinks it might be. The outspoken analyst joined The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday to discuss Tiger’s physical struggles and in typical Brandel fashion, he was as candid as ever. 

“Yes, I think so,” Chamblee answered without hesitation when asked if he thought Tiger was done competitively. “It’s the perfect storm to rob you of your game. A bad back, a change of golf swing, problems with your short game – big problems with your short game. Those are the competitive things and that’s the trifecta of things to rob you of your career.”


When asked how he thought Woods really got injured, Chamblee responded, “I think probably working out would be my guess. Its a combination of things, but I think the working out.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Chamblee has accused someone of working out too much

“When he [Woods] first came out on the Tour, He had the perfect body for golf. Long limbs, sinewy, had great speed. And he traded all that speed for strength. And as he got bigger his golf swing got shorter, and as it got shorter it got flatter, and as it got shorter and flatter it got quicker, and his change of direction became speedy, flashy, instead of languid and fluid.”

Is Chamblee right? Only time will tell.

[The Dan Patrick Show]


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