Chamblee Thinks Tiger May Play The Masters


Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee is probably known best for two things; his hair and his scorching hot Tiger takes. With the Masters right around the corner and Tiger’s status still up in the air, Chamblee brought the heat on whether or not he expects the four-time champ will tee it up at Augusta in a recent teleconference call with fellow analyst Colin Montgomerie. 

“If you can believe anything that you read on social media, I know that his coach (Chris Como) has been down there and they have been hitting a lot of golf balls down in Palm Beach,” Chamblee said, according to Golf Channel. “So the way I understand it, he’s been practicing quite diligently. It wouldn’t surprise me if Tiger showed up at Augusta National.”


Chamblee’s prediction is as good as anyone’s s since Tiger’s camp remains radio silent on if he will play. Just a few weeks ago, his agent Mark Steinberg disputed a claim that Tiger would miss the year’s first major. Then a few days later, Tiger explained he still had a chance to play. However, Chamblee’s reasoning does make some sense. Unlike other majors, it’s the only one that’s played at the same venue every year. Plus, Woods knows the golf course better than anyone else.

“In some ways, it’s a somewhat forgiving golf course off the tee, so it can kind of seduce you into thinking, yeah, maybe I can get it around there,” Chamblee said. “Even when he was struggling with his short game, what was it, back in 2013, he showed up there and put together some pretty decent golf. So you know, in some ways, it can be a somewhat forgiving golf course; many others, quite cruel.”

Montgomerie chimed in with a little less optimistic opinion and said that if Woods does show up, he hopes fans don’t see the 14-time major champion bowing out after “77-78 and going home from there.”

Tiger has until his tee time on Thursday to decide if he will give it a go. Until then, don’t hold your breath.

[Golf Channel]


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