Lincicome Nearly Regrets Making An Ace


Hitting an ace is one of golf’s truly rare feats. Whether you’re a weekend hacker or a seasoned professional, the range of emotions when you see your ball disappear goes something like Brittany Lincicome experienced this weekend at the Pure Silk Bahamas Classic. One emotion you don’t expect to experience, however, is a pang of regret, as Lincicome accurately verbalized at the end of the above video.


The 6-time LPGA Tour champion has put herself into position to vie for her seventh title on Sunday, thanks to shots like the hole-in-one she made earlier this week. The ace itself was impressive — 171 yards, one hop and in — but the range of emotions is something anyone who’s dropped a hole-in-one can appreciate. 

First, when the ball goes in, you can see the surprise and disbelief on Lincicome’s face. That initial reaction is quickly replaced by the realization and euphoria that most associate hitting a hole-in-one.

Finally, as Lincicome is able to take in the events of the past 20 seconds or so, some harsh reality hit hers right in the face. You can see that tinge of regret seep in as you realized how much it’s going to cost to buy everyone a drink, as is the custom when you make a hole-in-one.

“Oh God,” she said. “That’s expensive.” 

Luckily for Lincicome, she got away with this one with very little damage to her bank account, thanks to a sponsor-provided party.



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