Koepka Says Bubba Couldn’t Carry His Own Bag 18 Holes

Every day is one closer to the return of sports, and with the exception of NASCAR, which is scheduled to begin racing again in mid-May, the PGA Tour will help to lead the way back into normalcy for sports in America.

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to be a major consideration, the social distancing and other safety measures that will be put in place when the Charles Schwab Challenge kicks off on June 11 are constantly being evaluated and reevaluated to ensure the safest presentation possible.

With that in mind, World No. 3 Brooks Koepka was asked about Tour life post-pandemic during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday. Not overly concerned with the immediate resumption of play, Koepka projected forward to when fans return and how they will be treated by tournament organizers in terms of proximity to the players.

Following up, Patrick asked somewhat tongue-in-cheek about players carrying their own bags during the first events to allow for even more social distancing.

(The post-pandemic talk begins at 1:42:00)

“Let’s see who can carry there own sticks,” he said. “What do you think?”

“It’d be interesting,” Koepka said. “It would actually be a lot of fun just to watch some of these guys attempt to carry their own bag. I don’t think some of them have ever picked up their bag in their life.”

The natural follow-up from Patrick came next. 

“Who wouldn’t make it 18 holes carrying their own bag?” he asked.

“I actually don’t think Bubba would,” Koepka said, laughing. “Bubba would be complaining how heavy the bag is the entire time. I love the guy, but there’s no way he makes it around 18 with that bag.

“He’s a good dude deep down, you just got to get to know him.”