Koepka Hilariously Dismisses Bryson Question

Part of the deal when you become a global superstar and brand ambassador for a major company is requisite press junkets and interviews. 

Without knowing for certain, these types of things don’t seem to be the ideal way world No. 1 Brooks Kopeka would like to spend his time, but that’s the price of doing business.

With that being said, while Koepka will likely be in the air on the way home from the Saudi International on Sunday evening, his face will be seen by roughly 100 million people as he features in a Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercial opposite comedian and late-night host Jimmy Fallon.

This will be Koepka’s second straight year appearing in an ad during the big game, and to celebrate — and advertise for the advertisement, Koepka did a question-and-answer with USA Today / For The Win’s Charles Curtis.

The seven-question Q&A hit on the news of the day — the untimely death of Kobe Bryant — what Bryant meant to Koepka, how it was shooting the commercial with Fallon and what’s ahead for the Koepka in 2020.

As these things typically do, there’s a give-and-take between reporter and athlete: reporter asks questions about the product, athlete gets in his plug, reporter gets an opportunity to ask a real question for playing the game.

Brooks Koepka doesn’t play that game. 

After Curtis got through his requisite duties — “What did Kobe mean to you?” “What was it like to shoot with Jimmy Fallon?” “Will you be on his show?” — he got to ask his real question.

“Here’s something more lighthearted: was your response to Bryson DeChambeau — in which you showed off your trophies — all in good fun?” Curtis asked.

In perfect Koepka fashion, the four-time major winner responded, “I thought we’re talking about Michelob Ultra.”

Message sent and received.