Bubba Says Phil Has “Worst Body On Tour”

Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson’s social media mudslinging made it to nationally syndicated radio this week when Watson joined The Dan Patrick Show for an 18-minute interview that touched on everything from Watson’s first car to Tiger Woods’ Masters win and fitness on Tour.

Bubba fanned the flames originally with a shot at Mickelson’s calf workouts in the aftermath of Woods’ Masters win, and Mickelson responded in kind earlier this week ahead of the Wells Fargo Championship.

Joining The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday as part of The Northern Trust media obligations, Watson had some fun in the show’s New York City man cave. Transitioning from a question about equipment, Patrick made the connection to player fitness, which led the duo to talking about the fitting of the shirts that Brooks Koepka wears.

Koepka’s tight shirts brought Mickelson into the fray when Bubba took his first shot.

“Mickelson’s shirts are the same (size), I think it’s his body shape that changes,” the two-time Masters champ said. 

“When Phil wears the tight shirts, it looks good on his arms, but it’s not flattering any other place,” Patrick said. 

Asked who has the worst body on Tour, Watson dug his heels in and went back at Mickelson. 

“Worst body on Tour? Gosh. Well, the one that stands out is Phil Mickelson,” Watson said. “Gosh, I don’t know. I’m just going to say Phil Mickelson.”

Asked if Mickelson will take that personally, Watson pointed to the social media back-and-forth the two have been embroiled in. 

“He just put out a video and made fun of my arms and calves, so we’re going to dig at him,” he said. “He’s not here to protect himself.”

Another noteworthy moment of the interview came when Bubba explained a big reason he wants to be on the international team event squads — getting Tiger Woods’ oft-changing phone number so that he can annoy him with text messages. 

“He’s blocked me before,” Watson said. “He changes his number quite a bit.

“The real reason I try to make these team events… you get every player’s number, so y’all can have a group text going,” he continued. “And so even if he blocks me, I get it that week and then I’ll have it for a little bit.

“I send him so many text messages. Just random stuff like ‘Look at this, it’s a bottle of water. Oh, here’s this.’ So that might be why he blocked me. But for that one week when we’re on the team together, I love to just send him random stuff. And he’s like ‘Can you please stop?’”

You can watch the full interview in its entirety below.