Cameraman Stops Harrington From Relieving Himself

Padraig Harrington had his best week of the 2018 season on either side of the pond at this past week’s D+D Real Czech Masters, finishing in solo second place to Andrea Pavin.

Yet the most memorable moment for many fans watching the telecast was an interesting exchange between Harrington and a cameraman following him on the 11th hole during the third round.

After hitting his approach shot, Harrington picked up his divot and then quickly scurried off of the fairway in search of a private place to relieve himself only to notice that the broadcast camera was still following him. 

Harrington, smiling, mouths to the cameraman, “Go away. Go away. Come on,” before moving out of the frame. 

The announcers and production assistants who could tell what Harrington was trying to do began laughing as the camera clung to Harrington. The three-time major champion would go on to par the hole and shoot a third-round 65.

His Sunday 69 ended up being two shots worse than Pavin’s 67, resulting in the runner-up finish.