Casey Questions Daly’s Cart Use At PGA

There’s a saying about opinions being like a certain part of the anatomy because everyone has one, but don’t expect Paul Casey and John Daly to be laughing over Diet Cokes anytime soon. 

After finishing his final round at the PGA Championship on Sunday, Casey, who finished in a tie for 25th at 5-over par was asked about playing alongside Phil Mickelson, the 2024 Ryder Cup and what the course setup will ask of the players.

Fan Calls Daly’s Cart “An Embarrassment To Golf”

Making a tongue-in-cheek comment about having to play 36 holes around Bethpage Black may require the players to have “backup caddies” or “electric trolleys,” a follow-up question was asked if players would “do a John Daly and ride around in a (golf cart),” and Casey answered bluntly.

“(Walking is) part of the sport, isn’t it?” he asked rhetorically. “It’s become more and more of a physical game the way the guys hit the golf ball, but walking around the golf course is a part of the game. That probably answers my take on that.

“A massive factor, as it should be at The Ryder Cup, is fatigue and managing it. Around here it’s paramount. I couldn’t imagine playing 36, and I’m fit-ish.”

For Daly’s part, he’s has said all the right things when talking about the PGA of America’s decision to allow him to ride in a cart at Bethpage Black.

“It’s very awkward,” Daly said following his second round. “It’s to a point where it’s almost embarrassing. I won the PGA and I’m a past champion and there’s no way I’m walking. But I just feel obligated and I really want to play.”

Daly Receives Permission To Ride Cart At The PGA

Daly, who suffers from arthritis in his right knee that he says keeps him from walking more than six holes on the golf course, according to a report from The Associated Press’ Doug Ferguson, was granted a waiver to ride in a cart during last week’s PGA Championship after filing a petition under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Daly shot rounds of 75-76 to miss the cut by six strokes, but he was far from the bottom of the leaderboard. And while Daly receives as much adulation as anyone in the game not named Tiger when he goes out in public, his use of a cart was a point of controversy for much of the week.