Chamblee Says Tiger “Got Least Out Of His Talent”

As far as criticisms of Tiger Woods goes, Brandel Chamblee’s comments on the Golf Digest Podcast’s preview of this week’s PGA Championship may be one of the most egregious to date. 

Fresh off of a missed cut at the Senior Open Championship, Chamblee was back behind the analysts desk preparing the final major championship of the season when the inevitable questions about Woods came up.

“I would argue he got the least out of his talent of any player, maybe in history,” Chamblee said. “What other player would you have imagined was going to win 30 major championships? Twenty-five, 30 major championships and 100-plus events?” Chamblee goes on. “There’s no other player that any of us would ever have imagined — I think he was better than any of us ever imagined. But once he got going, we thought, well . . . he’s going to be Genghis Khan to the record books.”

Chamblee’s premise was largely based around Woods’ myriad of swing changes and the self-inflicted issues he’s put himself through, but to charge Woods with essentially wasting his talent didn’t sit well with everyone. 

Chamblee, who was on the receiving end of some verbal warfare earlier this summer with another generational talent, Phil Mickelson, levied a rebuttal to the comments Phil made about Chamblee not building the game up.

Phil Mickelson Takes Shot At Brandel Chamblee

“I would tell (the pros) I had their job for 20 to 25 years; they’ve never had my job,” Chamblee said. “I understand their job, I don’t think they quite understand the role of my job is not to be their best friend. At all. My job is to analyze their golf swing. I’m not a cheerleader. I’m an analyst.”