Are More Changes Coming To Augusta National?


During the 11 months of the year that the Masters Tournament isn’t going on, the only constant at Augusta National Golf Club is change. Ever since Tiger Woods burst onto the scene at the end of the 20th century, the green jackets in Georgia have been tweaking their course nearly on a yearly basis with explanations for the changes only, if ever, a player makes a comment about them.

It appears as if the 2018 Masters will look different from the 2017 version as well. Augusta native, actor and director Justin Wheelon snapped an aerial picture of the National on his way out of town earlier this week and keen eyes can observe some of the goings-on behind the curtain. contributor Geoff Shackelford appeared on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive to discuss the changes he sees as well as detailing them on his site.

To no one’s surprise–including those reporting the sight of huge crane’s helping to erect new structures at Augusta National, the club is finishing off the final upgrades to the Masters patron entrance area.

First, a close up look at the entrance area from Wheelon’s photo shows work on the main entrance area where a new merchandise center is being constructed:


More intriguing is work on the second hole, perhaps drainage related, and the lack of work taking place at the par-4 fifth. Earlier this year, Chairman Billy Payne all but predicted changes were coming to that hole.

A closer view showing the old Berckmans Road still in place which sits where fifth hole expansion might go, also appears to show some minor work at the third hole fairway bunkers:



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