Barkley Claims He Could Beat Tiger And Phil

Call it nerves, call it first-time pay-per-view jitters… call it what you will, but the level of golf between two of the greatest players to ever pick up a club at The Match was less than spectacular.

With two of this generation’s most electrifying players, there were few shots over the first 16 holes of The Match that really made fans shake their head in disbelief, and Charles Barkley, on the call for Bleacher Report did what he does: called it as he saw it. 

“Am I allowed to talk?” Barkley asked while Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods prepared to finish up on the 9th hole at Shadow Creek. “This is some crappy golf. Y’all know that. I could beat these two guys today.”

While Tiger quipped back when asked about Barkley’s comments, “I like our chances of making contact more than he does,” Barkley — and the rest of us — were privy to a pretty great (albeit contrived) finish to the first edition of The Match.

For everything that was less-than-ideal, Barkley, among others, was one of the bright spots of the nearly 5-hour broadcast.