Could We See A Phil & Tiger Ryder Cup Pairing?

There’s been much written and talked about when it comes to the advancement of the relationship between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods, especially as it relates to the ill-fated pairing of the two at the 2004 Ryder Cup. 

However, on Tuesday in Paris, Mickelson led media and fans to believe that there could be a redemption pairing in the works this week at Le Golf National. 

“I think we would both welcome it,” Mickelson said when asked if he and Tiger would be up for another go. He then reiterated his stance, “I think we would both welcome it.”

Then the follow-up came, “Any feeling on whether that might happen?” to which Mickelson responded cryptically, “I do have an idea of what Captain (Jim) Furyk is thinking, yeah.”

The insinuation, of course, was that Furyk had given them the green light, but that door was all but slammed shut by the captain early Wednesday morning. 

“I guess nothing’s out of the realm (of possibility),” Furyk said. “I think they both mentioned it would be a lot better pairing than it was in the past. I won’t ever say it wouldn’t happen, but it’s probably not too likely.”

Woods and Mickelson played together during both Tuesday’s practice round, with Woods impressing Mickelson so much, the new-age Don King of golf tweeted out that he’ll be looking for strokes when they do pair up in November for “The Match.”